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Whether to prepare for a rally, or simply to taste the joys of off-road on the slopes or in the dunes, bikers are more likely to travel around Morocco.
Mechanical failure in these remote regions, can quickly put an end to the adventure when you do not have the tools or the part needed for repair.
If the failure happens in Zagora area, do not panic, you are perhaps fared!

Garage Iriki Zagora where Aziz welcomes you with his team of mechanics is the right solution !.

What strikes at first sight, it is the cleanliness and order that prevails in the garage Aziz. Usually, in Morocco, garages are not well equipped, many times without electricity, they useold tools thrown on a bench in the middle of a mountain parts of all kinds.
At Garage Iriki Zagora, nothing like that. The garage is clear, everything is tidy and all the necessary tools are available.

And, incredibly, Aziz offers Michelin Desert tires and Bibs Foam, recovered during the passage of a previous Dakar. Tires and Bibs foam are certainly used but in good condition and can be used to finish the Moroccan journey.
If he does not have the part you need, Aziz will manage for you to find it.


If you make a stop at one of the service station of Zagora, you are likely to meet Aziz, on his bike in his Land-Rover Defender, attracted by the noise of motorcycles.
If he is not at the rendezvous, his garage is located on a street parallel to the main thoroughfare, the ATLAS Avenue.

If you have a GPS, you´ll find the following:
N 30 ° 19´362 - 50´330 W 5 °.
Aziz also can move with his recovery vehicle, a Renault 12, to help you out of Zagora.
Call 00 212 66 66 30 83 or email: